14 Week Intermediate Competition/Testing Program

14 Week Intermediate Competition/Testing Program

Click on the link above to download the free 14 Week Intermediate program! If you like it, let me know, or if you have some suggestion on how to improve upon the program, I am open ears. Love to hear feedback!

This is a 14 week program designed for intermediate level lifters, taking you through a volume, strength, and peaking phase that leads into either competition or a test day. This program is also geared towards those who are less injury resilient, and if you are stumbling across this blog, I would assume that may very much apply to you. It does not mean it cannot apply to others, but this program was written to help with long term health, but the downside to that will be short term strength progress. The goal is long term progress, and that can only be achieved if you are staying injury free. Squat, Bench, and Deadlift movements/variations are auto-populated through adjusting the training maxes in the top left corner of the document. I plan on also releasing a more RPE based template, as the fact is that programming squat variations based off of percentages is not optimal, as everyone’s strength abilities on variations will be differing. RPE on heavy movements though can also be a downfall if someone is not in-tune with being able to gauge their reps left in the tank, so there are pros and cons to each. Accessory movements are RPE based, and an RPE scale is included at the top of the document as well. Training maxes are meant to stay fixed through this training cycle, not adjusted through testing or monthly linear increases. Training maxes should be based off of your best numbers hit, or conservative estimates based in your current training. The volume and strength phases feature undulating repetitions and absolute/relative intensity schemes, whereas the peaking phase is more of a linear based intensity increase. Deloads are VITAL for your proper recovery within this program, so make sure to do these just as written. From what you can gather through the blog posts regarding my training philosophies, specificity is low priority during the volume phase, increases slightly during the strength phase, and then increases to high priority during the peaking phase. This is to allows for proper recovery and joint health throughout the training cycle, limiting the weight needed to produce an adaptation and reducing repetitive motion that can be a downfall of high specificity plans. And couple final notes, in that this is programmed for someone whose natural competition squat is low bar. If high is your primary squat, use that for your competition lift and safety bar squat as the replacement for the programmed high bar movements. Also, if low bar has historically caused significant bicep or shoulder pain yet is still your competition squat, feel free to substitute a buffalo bar in for the competition squat during the volume and strength phases if needed for reduced pain. Lastly, if you are experiencing any type of overuse signs or have possible worries about recovery, BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) Bulgarian Split Squats can be substituted for standard Bulgarian Split Squats to allow for extra recovery when needed.

Any questions you have, never hesitate to shoot me an email at sdenovi@gmail.com and I’d be happy to help.


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