14 Week Intermediate Competition/Testing Program (Template Version)

14 Week Intermediate Competition/Testing Program (Template Version)

Same as the 14 Week Intermediate program, but instead of all variations auto-populating, variations are set to a RPE based approach. Which program variation you choose to run will be based off your experience and ability to properly gauge RPE. If RPE is something you are confident in implementing, this version will be better suited for you, as you will be able to auto-regulate the program to your abilities. For the Squat and Bench variation boxes, these have a drop down box that give you the ability to choose which variation you would like to use. Once you choose a variation, go through each week and change the variation to the same one as well. Do not alter variations on a weekly or even monthly basis. Choose a variation and stick with it for the duration of the 14 week cycle. You can also see a full list of the variations to choose from if you scroll down, located below Week 1/Day 4’s programming. Make sure to read the the full programming notes on the previous 14 Week Intermediate plan, as this will give you the rest of the information needed to complete this program optimally.


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